A Year: Yeah, It’s #NaNoEve!


Must be #NaNoWriMo to get me to put myself in this position again. If nothing else gets me writing, NaNo always does.

It’s been a year. I hope the year has treated you more kindly than it’s treated those I love and me. There’s been a lot of pain and heartache, downright misery. Oh hell. Let’s just leave it as challenges. Lots of challenges. Got them right now, too. I’m going into this one with the #NaNoCurse already a factor, but I’m doing my damnedest not to let it win. I know the story I want to write and I’m going to write it.

In less than an hour, my heroine will be a happy go lucky young lady playing a flirty game with her young man before everything goes awry for her, as things are wont to do in stories. Poor lass. What we put our characters through!

What sorts of trials and tribulations do you have set for your characters? Do you like them and feel bad for them? I like mine and feel bad for her, but since I know she’s got a backbone strong as steel I’m proud of her as she gets through it all with her chin up high. Just as I’m trying to do. Shine on, lasses! (and you lads, too!)

Take care, wrimos! Remember the spirit of NaNo!