Thinking outside the #Flash


Lightning strikes

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Our heroine is going through a dry spell, Dear Reader. Grinding and grinding on old work, novels and flash alike, trying to make them better. Is the theme there? Is the hook set? Does each sentence propel the story forward? Are the voices different enough? And heaven help me, is this world consistent in its building?


Recently, I shared a flash with a friend from #SciFiChat and gratefully received her feedback. Before sending it, I expanded it beyond strict flash rules, but it was still flash length. She was charming in her comments, but through them I saw a major flaw with the story as written: it’s too damned short. Given the assignment of a flash, it would probably answer the question well enough with some tweaking. Given the opportunity to tell the whole story? Time to think outside the flash.

I’ll still write flash, of course. It’s a wonderful editing muscle which keeps me in shape for other projects. My novels improved with my editing skills. Giving myself over to the story must take priority, though. Let the story dictate its format. Just. Write. Sound familiar? It should if you read my blog, especially around NaNoWriMo time each year.

Who knows? I might just become a writer again.

How are you doing on your project right now?

Take care,


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3 thoughts on “Thinking outside the #Flash

  1. Tante Willemijn April 3, 2014 at 2:14 pm Reply

    Are you sure about that? Is it safe? Just kidding. Let your gut instinct dictate. It knows you and the story/characters best and can best provide for their needs.
    You never stop being a writer, by the way. You just take pauses…in my case an extended one.
    My projects are more or less on ice atm as I have so much on my plate, I can’t bring myself to get any real work on them done.

    Stay cool, keep ’em words coming.
    Love, Lin

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  2. johannaharness April 3, 2014 at 9:46 pm Reply

    Yes! Follow the story. When your heart sees the path it wants to take, the story unfolds.


  3. robynmcintyre June 7, 2014 at 5:41 pm Reply

    Agreed – your characters and their story will end up dictating the length. Flash is a great way to find ideas for later expansion, too!


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