Lucky Sevens Meme!

I’m not so great at following through on things like chain mail or tagging. I freely admit it. It might just have something to do with motivation. I’m with @GroovyMystery (James Huskins) on this one, though. It just looks fun. Having read his entry in the meme made me laugh. Then he tagged me. Considering I was still grinning, I went for it. Thanks, Jim!

Here’s how it works:

*Open the document for your current MS/WIP

*Go to page 77

*Go to line 7

*Copy the next 7 lines (sentences or paragraphs) and post them exactly as they are written. No changing or cheating!

*Tag 7 authors and let them know.

Here we go, a taste of the MS I’m editing:

I tried not to glance at the chair nearby. My back and legs ached from yesterday’s exertions, from the cold bed and from standing during this inquisition.

I threw a look Verante’s way. He stayed quiet throughout, leaning lightly against the wall. He watched the Highest. I looked away quickly and pressed my lips together hard. If I weren’t mistaken, there was a slight grin on his face.

Earlier, when I protested at a statement, the woman made a disgusted noise and turned to Verante. She found no support there. He shrugged and put up his hands. “Looking to me for information yields you nothing, sister,” he said to her. She scoffed again and pinned me with those wide, bright eyes of hers. Sister?

“That false king has no right to destroy the people’s true heritage. What else could come from prizing your science so much?” She was nearly spitting the words. “Why else name a Court Scientist?”

I opened my mouth to try to reason with her again. She continued her diatribe. “Why a Stranger of all the possible people in the land? Why did the Strangers only start coming into the world after he took the throne? He is tearing our world apart!” I closed my mouth. There seemed little point.

Earlier in the interrogation, she pressed me to speak of the King. “He’s a good man, a kind man who cares for the smallest in his Kingdom.” When this made no apparent impression, I searched for something that I might offer, something to show him in what the Highest would see as a positive light. “His belief in Those Who Guide Us is very strong. It is a defining point of his life and his monarchy.” There, I thought. That would help.

The woman’s eyes grew wide and shocked. I threw a pleading look at Verante and caught sight of him just as he closed his eyes and slightly shook his head. That was when she got out of the tall, carved chair and began to stalk about the large room. Furniture was scattered about, a table with several chairs here, a more comfortable if aging stuffed chair there, in addition to what acted as her throne. I tried not to think of the furniture. The mere idea of the chair so close made me more aware of the discomfort that filled me.

And now to tag! I tag thee, @gripemaster, @Buckeye_BethM, @jennspiller, @MisaBuckley, @Mariam_Kobras, @icypop and @jas_chronicles.


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