A Little Ramble

You may have noticed I haven’t posted anything here for a good while. It’s the oddest thing – well, there are odder, to be sure, but it’s odd to me. I no longer feel it’s appropriate to post on the blog unless a) it’s a FlashFic or b) something incredibly important happened.

My good friends will point out two things.

  • It’s your blog, Jess. Write what you want, when you want.
  • Something important is happening.

They’d be right, as good friends are wont to be. (Did I just write “are wont to be?” Yes. Yes, I did.)

I try not to think about it and definitely not call attention to it. Here’s the second part of my friends’ reminder: What I often put off as “a health issue” is actually pretty serious. It’s an infection which used to respond to medication, but no longer does. No point getting into the gory details. Suffice to say the battle is heated and taking a huge portion of both my time and energy.

All in all, I’d rather be writing. Instead, I’m easing back into it all by doing some beta reading with an eye to reading one of my manuscripts to see if it’s pure crap. Or not so pure. The goal after that is some brutal edits of a different manuscript. No holds barred. Okay, maybe some holds barred. For style purposes. Hush.

Thank you for your patience, if you’ve shown any, or your tolerance, if that’s more your speed. I don’t kid myself that my writing makes or breaks your day, but I hope it adds to it a bit. I’m trying to get back to that adding.

Take care,



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One thought on “A Little Ramble

  1. johannaharness August 14, 2011 at 7:51 am Reply

    You show amazing strength and courage, Jess. It takes no patience or tolerance to wait by your side. We all want you well.


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