The Inevitable Pre-NaNo Post

If you know our heroine well, dear Reader, and/or have read this blog for more than a year, you know without doubt NaNoWriMo will be featured prominently for the next several weeks. I have a number of Forum articles devoted to it. How to write quickly, how to plot, yadda yadda.

Most importantly, there are articles here and as a guest post elsewhere regarding what I refer to as The Spirit of NaNo. That Spirit is to get you to write – just write, no matter the quality or quantity – every day you can. Is hitting the 50k cool? Way cool, sure is. Developing a routine and understanding first drafts are ugly by definition? Much cooler and very shiny.

Okay, enough of that. We’ll come back to it before the end of November, I’m sure. In the meantime, I suggest you spend some time planning for November.

  • Outline or take some notes for your novel, even if you’re a pantser. Sure, give it as much room to breathe and grow as you need. Just take some notes on the infrastructure.
  • Make at least a few meals ahead of time. If you live alone or alone-ish, you can even fill the freezer with yummy frozen meals to nuke. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a supportive partner who offers to take over the care and feeding of you (and kids?) for November. Super! (Does s/he have a brother?) Have something ready to go if your partner has to work late or some such.
  • Stock up on treats for yourself. If you set a goal each day – or four times a day! – such as 2 scenes by noon or 2,500 words today, give yourself a goodie. It doesn’t have to be chocolate. (Did I guess?) Make it watching a show, spending time on Twitter, maybe a luxurious bath. Yes, I’m a girl. I think that way. Your treat may be a guy type item, of course, regardless of your gender.
  • Be prepared to take regular breaks. No, not procrastination breaks. Circulatory breaks. Your legs and butt may suffer otherwise. Trust me, this can be dangerous. I know wherefrom I speak. You don’t have to go run 10 miles. I sure don’t! Get up, move around, flex your feet and move them around, too.

That’s enough suggestions for the moment. At least, they’re enough from me. What’s your favorite NaNo suggestion? Little tricks of the trade, hints for making it easier? N00b or veteran, we can always learn.

Just a mention: This is my 100th article on the blog and y’all have given me over 8,500 views, including the months I was ill and rarely posting. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I simply can’t tell you what it means without getting all misty and girly.


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