Conquering Challenges: Debating with Doctors

It’s gone on far too long. Shunted from this doctor to that with myriad ER visits, our heroine is still dealing with health issues, dear Reader. Having decided it’s time to take the doctors by the horns and force them not to blow me off, I feel a strong conviction to return to the writing world.

In the meantime, I’ve made goals and have been unable to fulfill them.

Were a good friend to come to me in the same situation, I’d tell her she has her priorities in order. Getting better is primary as is taking care of family. If only I’d take that advice to heart. I beat myself up for not posting the Forum or a #FridayFlash.

I’m too invested in the old “a writer writes” adage, I suppose. I do write here and there, between periods of pain and overwhelmed by the painkillers. (Although the writing on painkillers is pretty interesting.)

I have an idea for a good Forum which I hope to post soon and a flash piece in the works. Painkillers be damned. They will be written.

Thanks so much for your support and good wishes.


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One thought on “Conquering Challenges: Debating with Doctors

  1. Johanna Harness August 31, 2010 at 7:24 am Reply

    You are doing the right things, Jess. I think the point of “writers write” is that you need not worry. This is who you are and you won’t stop writing just because you take some time to rest and heal. Let the writing be part of your path to feeling better and not a measure of your worth. Your worth is there no matter what you do. Your writer self remains as well, even while your body rests. Be gentle and be ready for the writing on the good days.


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