Forum: Giving Back

To date, all Forum articles have concerned writing novels and getting them ready for publication. Our heroine is a sentimental fool, dear Reader, and today is Christmas Day. There is joy in Whoville. Twitter streams are full of well-worded wishes of optimism and friendship.

What better time to step outside the Forum box?

I have seen how generous people are with information and encouragement when it comes to writing. Believing this to be an indication of their general character, I’m exploring ways to give back to our larger community. That is to say the community beyond the writing community. Our families and towns, our world at large.

  • A subject near and dear to me is BLOOD DONATION. I received six units of blood in 2009. They saved my life more than once. When I tell you that it’s important, that it saves lives, I know whereof I speak. Blood donation is easy and fast. Do you have questions about it? Check out this American Red Cross site, geared to answering those questions. Interested in finding a donation location or even, bless you, organizing a drive? This Give Life site is the one for you.
  • You may have heard that Alyssa Milano has taken on the cause of bringing clean water to locations without. From her site: “You can follow Alyssa’s progress on her birthday wish to fund clean water projects for 5 communities. See the link below to get an update and see how you can help!” Here’s the link.
  • It’s The Hunger Site‘s 10th Anniversary. They have a Click to Give arrangement. Each click helps, each click is free. Want to give more? You can donate or purchase from their store.
  • Habitat for Humanity International is a remarkable organization. From their site, it “seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.” There are many ways to help with Habitat, from direct donations to volunteering in building a home. Explore your options by going to the site, please.
  • I encourage you to find your local food pantries and homeless shelters. Donations directly to these organizations benefit them 100%. No going through a middle man and diluting the donation with administration costs. Please consider donating some of your time as well as money, canned goods and gently used household items/clothing.

“You may say I’m a dreamer. I’m not the only one.” – John Lennon (Didn’t I quote him last week, too?). Let’s each do something to give back during the holidays and well into the wonderful year 2010 is bound to be. Your action will be a rock tossed into a river, sending off ever-expanding ripples.


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