NaNoWriMo Reprise

Those of you who have followed this blog (You know who you are! Thank you for being part of this community.) know that our heroine has covered a number of topics that are good prep for starting or working on NaNoWriMo, dear Reader. As a result, I’m not going to bore you by writing about them all over again.

Postie Goodness over to the right side lists a number of the Forum entries in addition to my simple blatherings. I encourage you to take a look at any that catch your eye and see if they’re of use to you right now as you battle NaNo. The most popular ones to date are “Plotting” and “NaNo & Character Development.”

Not doing NaNo? Neither was I at the time I researched the topics and chose the links in each one. Hopefully, you’ll find a choice link or three in each of them.

Oh, a note: if you find a broken link (hiss!), please do let me know. Even in the relatively short time I’ve been doing this, some sites have reorganized. I’ll research again and see if I can find the “new right page.” If not, I’ll try to find another resource for the topic. Thanks!

Best of luck with NaNoWriMo! Please remember that the spirit of NaNo is to learn to quiet the inner editor. It is to just WRITE, just let it flow. Let yourself write an ugly, rough draft, knowing that you will tighten and polish it later. When you do, you’ll have turned that ugly rock into a gem worth submitting.


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