Friday Forum: NaNo and Character Development

What’s on all our minds right now? NaNoWriMo! We’ve already gone through a good deal of what you’ll need for NaNo, so your heroine is going to list some Forum links to start, dear Reader.

Friday Forum: Outlining – Are you a Pantser? I was. I converted. (Mostly.) Here are some solid outlining procedures that may give you a second thought to pantsing your way entirely through NaNo. Take a special look at the 30-minute outline procedure that’s linked to NaNo’s own site. I use it myself to clarify what I’m doing.

Friday Forum: Plotting – This is the one that is so popular. It covers the Snowflake Method, Phase Plotting as well as Fast Drafting. Take a good look at this one. It may well be exactly what you need in order to inject a plot that moves the whole way through your NaNo.

Now, on to Character Development. We did Character Creation during the first Forum. I’d like to offer you some links to give a good read in prep for writing anything at all, but especially for NaNo. If you’re going “No Plot? No Problem,” you’re going to need some exceptional characters to fill your 50k. And NaNo aside, I think we all want exceptional characters in anything we write.

Warrior Writer’s Blog contains a terrific article called Balance the Party – Warrior Writer’s Guide to Creating Legendary Characters. It uses a system you with which you may already be familiar, but applies it in a way I hadn’t considered. I enjoyed this article and the blog’s a good one.

edittorrent‘s Alicia Rasley wrote an article Pulling for the Main Character which helps keep your perspective about your MC. I really enjoyed this one and took a lot away from it. My NaNo MC could have come off as very unsympathetic. I believe that with some of the information I got from this post, I can avoid that. Check out the same author’s Sympathy Without Saintliness for even more good information on the subject.

And what about the villain? Type M for Murder has Creating Your Villain, Tips from Donald Maass. You don’t get much better than that! All sorts of information to make your villain come alive. My confession: I have a good deal of trouble wrapping my head around my villains. This article helped me see them more clearly. You don’t want to skip this one.

It’s NaNo prep time! I encourage you to take a little while and look through these links. You could get some ideas and a better grip on your novel. The better prepared you are, the slicker a job you’ll do when November rolls around.

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