Friday Forum: Literary Agents

Our heroine has been, she confesses awkwardly, rather baffled by the great big world of literary agents. Dear Reader, it was with trepidation that she faced this down and tried to bring these larger-than-life icons of the publishing world down to almost-human size.

Seriously, the literary agent can make or break an author in this publishing world. Choosing the right one is as important as setting up a platform well. Naturally, choosing one means that one must have more than one asking to see your full manuscript and showing great interest in you to begin with. [cue aria here]

Rose Jensen, as a guest blogger for Guide to Literary Agents Editor’s Blog, writes Five Signs a Literary Agent Is a Good Match for You. This is a simply written yet greatly informative guide into the big wide world. It brings it down to size. It makes the reader understand that it is not a case of scattershot querying, not at all, but rather good marksmanship and patience that brings about the best coupling between author and literary agent.

Rachelle Gardner, a well known literary agent, posted Querying Multiple Agents. It’s important to know the etiquette behind this process as well as being aware of your rights while doing so. Rachelle spells it all out. Be sure to look at her links in the right column and take a tour of her blog for more insight and information about literary agents.

For wonderful and down-to-earth insights about finding the right literary agent, take a look once again at Guide to Literary Agent‘s column How I Got My Agent. Many authors tell their stories. You may find amusement and shake-the-head wonder, but there’s little doubt you’ll find encouragement.

This serves as an introduction to a big topic. There are several issues that a writer must face down concerning the publishing world. It’s that or become overwhelmed by them and allow the fear to win. Speaking of fear, here’s a great article by Bob Meyer on FEAR. Take a look at other pages for good information on agents as well.

As always, please let me know if this article is of use to you.


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