Friday Forum: Blog Your Heart Out

(It may have seemed until this point that our heroine has been leading you, dear Reader, in some order down the garden path. Such is not the case. Subjects will be addressed in random order. No, let us say, serendipitous order. Our heroine likes that word better. You are always encouraged to get in touch with a topic you would like to see explored as well.)

One of the first things I was told when I began to explore the requirements of publishers was the dreaded platform. I’m still learning about the platform, but I did take from that the requirement of a blog.

I am studying them closely myself. When I began this blog, I just found this site (which I highly recommend) and dove in. Did I know what I wanted to say? I’d say a quick gander at the first several entries will indicate the answer to that. I continue to work at it. Your comments have been kind and encouraging and I’m grateful. Any constructive criticism is accepted.

So, blogs. Do you have one? Do you want to start one but are dithering about how to do it? Have I got the links for you.

Why have one in the first place? Blogs: Ten Reasons Why Authors Should Have One by Joanna Penn, aka The Creative Penn, will help you out there. Her blog is very well known and a terrific example of what a blog can be. Do not expect to know how to do what she does coming out of the gate.

In fact, don’t aspire to do it at all. You’ll find your own way, your own style and your own blogging voice. If you’re still forming yours or have truly lost it, take a look at Ten Things to Do When You Lose Your Blogging Voice. Simple, sensible steps to get you from peril to post.

Alright, you’ve started your blog. It’s clever, it’s pretty and it’s sitting all alone in your little corner of the blogoverse. How do you get people to visit? Take a good read through How to Build Traffic on Your Blog PART ONE and PART TWO, both guest posts by Jennifer Fulwiler. There’s great information there that any blogger should know as well as ideas and tricks of the trade.

Blogging isn’t that hard to do. It can be hard to both do well and to be popular, though. Be true to yourself and your voice and the traffic will find you, so long as you’re ready to put the time in that gets your name out there.


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