Ping Pong in My Head: The Novel that Wouldn’t Be Ignored

There’s a futuristic version of ping pong going on my my brain. Many level surfaces at various angles and in various dimensions are sounding boards for ideas. Escher, Godel and Bach must have designed this game. Game? I strain to keep my inner voice from rising several octaves at the process being named a “game.”

I must be a masochist because this is the most fun I’ve had in some time now, creatively speaking.

Perhaps it’s happening because I have little to no time to actually work with the WIP right now in a standard process. Being put into exile and other similar procedures are forcing me away from active work upon it. I do my best to stay in the groove, reviewing what’s been written, striving to edit it to bloody well show instead of tell.

That said, our heroine does not recommend that you overwhelm yourself with other priorities in order to make progress with your novel, dear Reader. No indeed. Focus on it, create it, make it alive with your clever designs and characters that simply jump off the page. Stay with it and love it. Discipline it when it misbehaves, then find the seed of awesome within the bad behavior.

But that is not available to me right now, and so alternative measures are in place. Would that I could draw, I would sketch it for you, create a video and put it up on this blog for you to see. Would it fill you with awe? Amuse you? Both, as seeing it does for me?

I draw from this, pardon the pun, the need to find your way to your creative flow. No matter the hurdles, your story is within you and cries out to be expressed. Trust that it will be so, even if a hiatus is forced upon you.


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