Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Novel number two is crowding in my brain, yet my current project is editing number one. Oh, how it crowds, how it speaks, how it has begun to put its little puzzle pieces together before my mind’s eye.

My inner editor shrieks at it to hush. Wait your turn, she says. Yet even she can see from the images and conflicts taking form before her that the first book will be edited more forcefully after number two’s been written. She turns away from these thoughts, preferring to believe that can be done now.

Can it? Are there yet lessons to be learned in finishing the edit rather than moving on to novel number two in the series? It is possible, my inner editor presses.

I recently read a blog entry titled “How Soon Is Too Soon” by literary agent Janet Reid. In it, she stated that it’s too soon to submit one’s novel for publication if it’s one’s first novel. Eeep! There’s other good advice there, I recommend it.

Definitely a practical reason to move on to novel number two. Our heroine’s inner editor pauses, ever logical, for a moment.

Then @markdavidgerson sends me a direct message that reinforces following as the muse leads with a “Good for you!” at the end. Novel number two thrummed with pleasure in my mind, overtaking the inner editor’s voice.

An emotional reason to move on now. The bases are covered. Should I stay or should I go?

Our heroine is moving on to novel number two, dear Reader. Do buckle up, it’s likely to be a bouncy ride.


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One thought on “Should I Stay Or Should I Go

  1. Mark David Gerson June 11, 2009 at 3:20 pm Reply

    So glad to be part of your creative journey!


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