In Which I Do Something Write

A friend recently offered me a writing assignment. He gave me a length of time to complete it which I thought was absurdly long, and so I put off addressing it. I figured I’d toss it together off the cuff and merrily send it off to him via file transfer.

No such luck, dear Reader. In fact, our heroine was brought to tears by delving into this assignment and writing from the heart.

I’ve found that I do my best writing in the very early mornings. I am at my most open, my most honest. I am least likely to force my thoughts through play-doh shaping machines so that they come out pretty on the other side. I write and leave the editing for another time.

And so this assignment touched a nerve as I wrote and traveled a tangent. I’m grateful for the gift my friend gave me, the opportunity to reinforce the joy that pure writing allows. Being so caught up in editing the final draft of the novel had me losing track of that, I think.

… must be doing something right!


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