… and away we go!

Social media. I’d never heard the phrase until I began my Twitter account several weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no newbie to the web or computers, but I tend to avoid the latest fad. I leave those to my son, who reveled in myspace and quickly made the transition to facebook. I didn’t follow any particular blogs, but rather would take a look at a particular post when my attention was called to it. My emphasis was always chatting on the net. IRC and IM chat, that is, realtime interactive chat. I suppose I just have little tolerance for delay of gratification.

I tried blogging for a while and would maintain it briefly, gathering a few dozen followers whose blogs I followed scrupulously. I obviously wasn’t following the right blogs, though, as the habit would die on the vine after a short time. Forums have also been a phase I’ve gone through a few times over my dozen of years online. My experience with them was always a disappointment, as the posts would often descend into little more than flaming or mental masturbation, neither of which are attractive to me. (Another reason I stopped with the blogs. Again, wrong blogs obviously!)

So why, you ask our heroine, did you start a Twitter account?

Excellent question, Reader.

You see, I’ve written this novel. I’ve written before, many times, but have never gotten the wild hair to submit anything for publication. And so, here’s our heroine with her wild hair, blithely thinking that she’ll just attach her book to emails to dozens of publishing houses and cross her little book-typing fingers, right?

Ah, how the world has changed. No longer does an author merely attach the file to email or submit via (heaven forbid) hard copy. No, now an author builds and maintains a presence on the web using Social Media. There’s that phrase again!

My wild hair told me, “Start a Facebook and a Twitter specifically as an author.” “What?” I asked my wild hair. “Seriously, I think it’s a good idea,” responded my wild hair. And so @jessrosenbooks and my Jessica Rosen Facebook account were begun, which quickly led me to the veriest term of Social Media. Surprised was our heroine to discover she’d stumbled into that newest of things, a requirement for an aspiring author of today.

I’ve learned so much using Twitter, having begun to follow a number of publishing houses and resources there. @BubbleCow is a never-ending source of information, for example, and @WritingSpirit is a delightful source of inspiration and encouragement. Not to mention the publishing houses and their continual posts of information about new and established writers. Yes, even those posts are both daunting and encouraging in their own ways.

And so, Girl Meets Word has been born, in which our heroine keeps you, her dear Reader, apprised of her delving into this wonderful new world of publishing. She’ll share links, report her new stumbles and generally walk wide-eyed and head held mostly high into the big bad new world. With your help, dear Reader, she will establish her web presence and the Social Media Gods will be appeased.

… and away we go!


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One thought on “… and away we go!

  1. The Compostela Key June 10, 2009 at 2:45 pm Reply

    Ha, social media, I feel your pain! Still as you say, you can learn some good stuff and even the harsh reality is often inspiring!


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